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Title: BattleRaddle Products Review
Author: Joe Wee
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A brand known for its American Patriotic products, Badass Gear, Everyday Items, Apparel, Classic American Style. I came across with thes...


A brand known for its American Patriotic products, Badass Gear, Everyday Items, Apparel, Classic American Style.

I came across with these products a month ago while searching for some patriotic items/products in as well as Ebay, then boom! Their product just pop up in my search list. As a fanatic of American Patriotic brand items, the product I bought should meet my standard. Well, Thumbs up to their marketing people some of their products have made to the top in the search list of as well as ebay. Also, this is just proof that more and more people choose their brand when it comes to badass American Patriotic products.

There is only one man behind these Amazing Products, his name is Michael Pearson – Founder of BattleRaddle & VettedVentures


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What are their products anyway?

Their selling these cool stuffs, in first you might think its real badass gear – but don’t be trick of its design, lol. Here is the list of some of their cool products and just below the product name are the direct links where you can buy these cool items.

BattleRaddle Thermos Tumblers


Available in

  • It has a very unique bullet type design and its quality is above average. It comes with different colors that match your choice and preference. This combat designed tumbler is battle ready for the harsh elements outdoors. Also, it is not just any stainless steel but is also food grade to make sure that it is safe.

BattleRaddle Bottle Openers

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Available in Please click the image above so you will be routed to

  • Well, all I can say with their Bottle Openers is simply artistic. They’re not just made for one purpose, you can also use it as a fashion accessory and its pretty cool and trendy. With its patriotic design and badass look, I can definitely guarantee that this stuff is worth buying. It also comes with different designs and style to match your needs.


BattleRaddle Keychain Plastic Style


Available in Please click the image above so you will be routed to

  • These we’re not just ordinary keychain, they are made with purpose. Multi-purpose wherein it comes with Hand Squirt Sanitizer, a germ killer and skin moisturizer for daily usage. It comes with different quantity 6 packs and 12 packs. They also have empty bottles available with NO BPA Snap lid, design for Food grade quality.


Monroys Original Hot Sauce Mango Habanero


Available in


  • I tell you something, this is my favorite. It tastes amazing! Monroys California Original Hot Sauce complements a wide variation of food from appetizers, pasta, rice, eggs and even soup. It is best with any type of meat from fish to beef. It is best with vegetables. It can also be mixed in your barbeque marinade. It is also perfect to use as dips or dressings. You need to have this sauce nearby when you eat because you might need it to spice up your meal!


Their products are really amazing, cool stuff, design with purpose, and real artistic. When it comes to quality, BattleRaddle products are on its finest. I can say it is really made with made in premium materials, because it is design to last long. Is it really worth buying? Yes! Absolutely, I just can’t lovin’ their products. One of its reasons is it has an American flag, I love America and BattleRaddle support in making America Great Again, so am I.



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