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Title: BattleRaddle Keychain Plastic Style Review
Author: Joe Wee
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Why Choose BattleRaddle?   BattleRaddle™ founder aims nothing but to help his fellow Veterans. The products remind us with their bravery...

Why Choose BattleRaddle?


BattleRaddle™ founder aims nothing but to help his fellow Veterans. The products remind us with their bravery to serve and protect this free country. It’s time to give back the favor, it’s time to let them feel that their not alone in the battle, and it’s time to fight for their cause.


I will buy no matter how much it cost, it’s my only way to say Thank You for making us safe, for making America great as always, and for getting into battle without hesitation just to serve and protect my beloved country.

- Brenda Kyle Jones | Ordinary Citizen, State of California – a buyer from -


Buy for a Cause


BattleRaddle™ is owned and operated by a Veteran, Michael Pearson who aims to employ fellow Veterans, and repurpose the tactical gear we often utilize in the field, military, and intertwine it into everyday use. Every purchase of these products helps a Veteran working behind the scenes. These badass products are intended to replicate the gear we regularly use, as we say 'in full Battle Rattle', at the low ready and down range.

"Choose our own, support a Veteran, Choose BattleRaddle™"

To know more about the BattleRaddle and its founder:


BattleRaddle Keychain Plastic Style Review



These are not just ordinary keychain, they are made with purpose. Multi-purpose wherein it comes with Hand Squirt Sanitizer, a germ killer and skin moisturizer for daily usage. It comes with different quantity 6 packs and 12 packs. They also have empty bottles available with NO BPA Snap lid, design for Food grade quality.


Available in Please Click the Image  to checkout in







Durability and Design

  • This BattleRaddle clear bottle keychain can be used to store anything. It can store liquid or solid items as long it will fit. It is very useful if you just want to bring a small amount of stuff and not the entire container when you have to go somewhere. You can use it to store your shampoo, lotion and other liquid cosmetic products. You can also use this to store food items such as vitamins or powdered drink. It can also store pet food that you may want to carry for your pet.
  • It is not just durable but it is Food Grade quality and BPA free. You don’t have to think twice about storing food items in these food safe bottles.



  • BottleRaddle products are really amazing, it is design with purpose. I mean MULTI-PURPOSE. Thumbs Up!


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