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Title: BattleRaddle Bottle Openers Review
Author: Joe Wee
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Why Choose BattleRaddle?   BattleRaddle™ founder aims nothing but to help his fellow Veterans. The products remind us with their bravery...

Why Choose BattleRaddle?


BattleRaddle™ founder aims nothing but to help his fellow Veterans. The products remind us with their bravery to serve and protect this free country. It’s time to give back the favor, it’s time to let them feel that their not alone in the battle, and it’s time to fight for their cause.


I will buy no matter how much it cost, it’s my only way to say Thank You for making us safe, for making America great as always, and for getting into battle without hesitation just to serve and protect my beloved country.

- Brenda Kyle Jones | Ordinary Citizen, State of California – a buyer from -


Buy for a Cause

BattleRaddle™ is owned and operated by a Veteran, Michael Pearson who aims to employ fellow Veterans, and repurpose the tactical gear we often utilize in the field, military, and intertwine it into everyday use. Every purchase of these products helps a Veteran working behind the scenes. These badass products are intended to replicate the gear we regularly use, as we say 'in full Battle Rattle', at the low ready and down range.

"Choose our own, support a Veteran, Choose BattleRaddle™"

To know more about the BattleRaddle and its founder:

BattleRaddle Bottle Openers Review


This is another product of BattleRaddle, the bottle openers made with class and design with purpose. Made with premium materials and can be a fashion accessory. Then, lets rate this product.


Available in Please Click the Image  to checkout in

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  • Not so expensive for a multi-purpose Military accessory and at the same time a bottle opener. Note, all products of BattleRaddle comes with Free Shipping that makes it more reliable and fast.  Official FB Page:


Durability and Design

  • SLIM and DURABLE as they said, these bottle openers in American flag design is like wearing class dog tag. It is made of high grade stainless steel that won’t easily bend, break or rust. This beverage bottle opener will last a long time with endless bottles to open. You don’t have to worry about it breaking or ruining it because it is made from quality materials.
  • Very suitable for a unique gift
  • It was really design to last long. Thumbs up to that.


  • Based on my personal encounter with these products, I can say that its worth it man. I can use it as fashion accessory at the same time I have a bottle opener on the go that make it more unique and classy. Thumbs Up!


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