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Title: Ways on how to make money online – Introduction
Author: Joe Wee
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    How to make money online?     Does this remain a question to you? How long have you been trying to find an online job? Any success ...



How to make money online? 


Does this remain a question to you? How long have you been trying to find an online job? Any success stories you can think off?

I made a thorough research on this topic and interviewed some of my friends who are successful with their online job. Yes, you are right! I am currently doing an online job being a blogger.

In order to make money online it requires key treats.


1. No retreat, No surrender

· Please remember that challenges and failures are part of being an online job hunter. You never lose, you either gain or learn.

2. Self-goal

· You need set a goal; otherwise, you will end up nowhere. Make it a habit that every time you browse online you already have the check list of what you are aiming for.

3. Focus

· The most important of them all, if you lose your focus you will lose everything.


Those were the key treats you should acquire if you are planning to be an online job hunter. I have categorized the online jobs based on their level of difficulty. We have the easy online jobs, hard online jobs and the difficult online jobs.


1. Easy online jobs – these types of jobs do not require technical skills, basic computer knowledge would do. Best example of this is answering online surveys.

2. Hard online jobs – advance computer skills maybe required in these types of jobs; however, technical skills may not be necessary. Best example of this is being a blogger.

3. Difficult online jobs – so called ‘expert mode’, it requires expertise and technical skills. Best example of this is being an online web developer/designer.


Let’s start with Easy Online Jobs, there are lots of easy online jobs out there waiting for you to discover. I may not be able to provide you with the complete list; however, I can definitely give you the most common and legit online jobs suited for newbies. In addition, as we go deeper we will be able to identify the legit online jobs from the scams.


This is just a short introduction to prepare you from the broad world of internet business. All information I have provided are from the best of my knowledge with the help of reliable internet sources. Please be assured that only legit online jobs will be discussed and references will be provided at the end of every topic. Please join me with this journey to make money online.


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