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Title: Make Money With SFI – To Do List
Author: Joe Wee
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This is the second and last part of my tutorial with SFI online marketing. If you haven’t created an account with SFI, please follow the...


This is the second and last part of my tutorial with SFI online marketing. If you haven’t created an account with SFI, please follow the steps here: There are a lot of jargons used in SFI that we need to familiarize, this will help us understand more the job we are about to start.



Points awarded to affiliates for a variety of actions, as outlined on the VP Ledger. The more points affiliates earn each month, the higher their SFI commissions can go. See the VersaPoints FAQs for more information about VP. You may also want to check out the Benefits Chart for a complete list of VersaPoint rankings and associated benefits.

FYI: SFI Power Rankings are based on VersaPoints.

VersaPoints is very important with SFI, your RANK depends on the VersaPoints. The higher the RANK the more commissions you will earn.

How to EARN VERSAPOINTS and get you’re BADGE?

Hurry! Get your first badge.


After your successful registration with SFI you are given 24 hours to get a FAST TRACKER badge; however, you need to have at least 500VP to get that badge.

From ‘HOME’ tab, click ‘To Do List’

Note: The ‘To Do List’ tasks are the actions you need to do and get corresponding VersaPoints after you have successfully completed the task.

· How to earn 150 VersaPoints? Confirm your registration with SFI. Once you click the first task in "To Do List", you will be routed to the confirmation page. Click the "Click Here" button and you will received a confirmation email through your registered email address. Afterwards go to your email address and confirm your registration with SFI. Click the confirmation link sent to your email and you will receive 150VP.

· How to earn 100 VersaPoints? - For whitelisting Once you see the ‘*’ asterisk symbol above the number. This means that it is not really needed to perform the task in order to receive the VersaPoints. Once you click the second task, it's up to you if you will perform the task.

Note: You must find this LOGO (found at the upper right of the page) when you click a task that has ‘*’ asterisk symbol above the number. Click the 100VP logo at the upper right of the page to receive the VP.

How to earn more VersaPoints?

As mentioned, when the task has ‘*’ asterisk symbol there's no need for you to perform the task, all you need to do is find the LOGO at the upper right of the page and click it, then you will received the VersaPoints. Easy, Right? Now, go back to the ‘TO DO LIST’ page and find all task that has an ‘*’ asterisk symbol. Click the logo and earn VP faster, be sure to get at least 500VP to get the FAST TRACK badge and 1500VP for 1 month to get into the next rank which is EXECUTIVE AFFILIATE.

Also, to get an A2A badge, you need to register and become a member; you will also receive 25VP for successful registration.

How to register to A2A? From HOME tab -> Click ‘A2A’ button.

Joe’s Note: The tutorial ends here; however, your road to success just started. To understand the whole process is not enough, you must make it happen. Set a goal so that you will have something to look forward.


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