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Title: Happy Holloween? Yes you are right, we are not playing shit this Holloween, we are going to face our Fear!
Author: Joe Wee
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What are you doing this Halloween? Trick or treat? Yes, that’s what normally people do. Well, let us make your Halloween season spooky with...


What are you doing this Halloween? Trick or treat? Yes, that’s what normally people do. Well, let us make your Halloween season spooky with my buddy Gugu visits the haunted places in Davao City. It was creepy experience indeed, lights on and off and camera went wrong as we approach the locations. The place was too dark, the weather is too weird, and that very moment we are able to see with our naked eyes and numbing bones that they do exist. I want to share to you every details of what really happen with this mind-numbing creepy trip.



We don’t want to miss this moment so we bring our camera with us. It was around 11 pm in evening; we started our first trip at ‘The old Si residence at Champaca Street’ one of the haunted places in Davao City.

It has been declared as one of the most haunted houses in Davao City and has become the site of many ghost-hunting adventures however most of the stories that inspired the horror tales are pure fallacy, the Si family used to live there until they relocated to Manila in the mid-1990s and no, they were not massacred contrary to some stories. Just like invading weeds and grasses, ghosts and other supernatural beings might have move in there as the house became abandoned.

As we approached near the sign, I can already feel the tingling sensation crawling over my body. It was dark, cold and creepy. Big old houses will surprise you, the sound of silence will make you fear more, but we are curious to discover the mystery behind this street. Nadal (I was referring to my buddy Gugu) told me keep my mouth closed and never utter a word but I insist because of my curiosity. In the middle of the street, there was a light post at our left side which turns on and blinks whenever we pass by. After nearby distance, this light post will turn off. We turn back again to make sure that the light post we saw is not merely coincidence. A great shocked of fear astonished us that this light post turns on again as we pass by. This is wicked! We just saw a paranormal activity. I don’t believe in ghost or spirits, but that very moment convinced me they do exist.

Honestly, I was not able to sleep during that night and I waited till morning to watch the footage of the camera. If that freaking street is creepy, well, the second street was worst. Everything gone wrong, it rains in the middle of the street and rain stops as soon as we get out from that street.

P.S.  We apologize for the footage of this video; we are still newbies when it comes to vlogging.


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